Christmas is just around the corner! The excitement is growing, Christmas traditions from the great British Panto to the iconic symbol of the Christmas Tree make this time of year so special. And, in the words of that famous song,  ‘The Candy Man’ - “The Candy Man can ‘cos he sprinkles it with love and makes the world taste good”; Christmas is a time for giving and receiving the treats we love.

So, what are the 9 tempting sweets you need to stock on your shelves? 

  1. Pez Candy is trending high on the candy charts - perfect for your customers looking for stocking fillers. With a fabulous range from ‘Frozen’ to ‘Minions’, and including Pez dispensers and Pez candy refills, there is a Pez theme for all! 

This time of year is when everyone looks forward to receiving their favourite sweets; indulging in memories, tastes and aromas associated it. Don’t we all have a favourite?  Traditional sweets with a retro feel are also high on our candy chart:- 

  1. Stock up on Retro sweets such as Boynes Sugar Mice, Barratts Black Jack Chews, Dolly Mixture, Jelly Babies, Sherbet Dib Dabs, Milk Gums;  Novelty Candy Necklaces; Swizzels Variety Sweet Mix; Taverners Coconut Mushrooms and Liquorice Allsorts.

Your customers all love something new to try - something to treat the taste buds, something to appeal to all at ther Christmas Fayres and parties;  and, with a great selection of stock new in, we have brands that will be eye catching and tempting on your shelves. So, introducing number 3 on the candy chart we have...

  1. Trolli Mini Burgers, Kingsway Jelly Mermaids, Maoam Chewy Bloxx, Haribo Jelly Fairyland 

Chocolate and nuts are traditionally a popular choice for Christmas and we have a new range of tempting chocolate covered nuts and fudge in stock:- 

  1. Carole Anne Milk Chocolate Cashews, Hazelnuts and Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel Fudge and of course that ever popular Christmas chocolate choice:-

  1. Milk Chocolate Gold UK Sterling Coins

The Gift of sweets is always high on the shopping list and at number 6 - new in stock for you we have a great retro sweet :- 

  1. Walkers Toffee Tin

For adult customers, who maybe looking for those ‘Secret Santa’ or ‘under the tree’ gifts - sweets containing alcohol are always fabulous choice! So, number 7 on the list are:- 

  1. Alcohol infused chocolate - Goldkenn Jack Daniels Honey and Jack Daniels Whiskey Chocolate Bars and alcohol infused sweets - Vidal Pint Pots, Kingsway Pint Pots and Vidal Pina Colada Slices.

‘Themed’  sweets are hugely popular with all customers, and number 8 on the list of sweets for your Christmas shelves has to be the wizardly magical:-  

  1. ‘Harry Potter’, with a selection of Bertie Botts Gift boxes, Harry Potter Chocolate Creatures, Chocolate Frogs and Chocolate Wands, Gourmet Jelly Slugs, Jelly Belly Crest Tins and Magical Sweets! 

Number 9 on the list of ‘must have’ sweets for the festive season?...

  1. Candy Canes - no well-dressed Christmas tree would be quite the same without Bonds Candy Canes or Jelly Belly Red Candy Canes.