It’s the most wonderful time of the year, in particular for indulging in our favourite treats!

Christmas sweets are the absolute best! Whether it’s chocolate, candy canes, boiled sweets, or gummy sweets, whatever your favourite type of sweetie, Christmas has you covered.

And even better, Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy such goodies, guilt-free.

Here are some of Britain’s most popular Christmas sweets, all set to take over the nation this December.

Mint chocolate

Mint chocolate comes in many forms and is a favourite amongst many. Think after dinner mints, bubbly aero bars and, of course, mint chocolate eclairs.

The perfect festive indulgence!

Green food colouring is added to mint chocolate to make it green, for example, in mint aero bars and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Mint chocolate comes in the form of both ice cream and chocolate.

A fun fact to know about mint chocolate chip ice cream is that it was invented in 1973 by catering student Marilyn Ricketts whilst she was studying at South Devon College in England.

Orange chocolate

Orange chocolate is a popular chocolate flavour amongst many. The most famous chocolate orange treat would probably have to be the world-famous Terry’s Chocolate Orange, created by Terry’s in 1932 at the Chocolate Works factory in York, England.

We have a few chocolate orange sweets available. Buy the Free’ist Dark Chocolate and Orange bar and the Beech’s Dark Chocolate and Fruit Creams from Bulk Wholesale Sweets.

Turkish Delight

The exact origin of Turkish Delight is unknown but it is thought to have been produced in the 1700s in Turkey.

Turkish Delight is essentially a type of confectionary based on a gel of starch and sugar.

Traditional flavours of Turkish Delight include rosewater, lemon and orange. They’re often dusted with icing sugar to stop them sticking to each other and to add extra taste!

Here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets, we stock a variety of Turkish Delight sweets to appeal to customers whose Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Turkish Delight.

Choose from Fry’s Turkish Delight, Turkish Delight covered in chocolate wrapped in packaging and sold in boxes of 36, or Beech’s Milk Chocolate Turkish Delight, which are gift boxes of rose flavoured turkish delight covered in chocolate.

Additionally, you could opt for the more authentic Turkish Delight Assorted Flavours and Turkish Delight Rose & Lemon.

Candy Canes

There is no sweet more traditional for Christmas time than the Candy Cane.

The original candy canes were originally peppermint flavoured, and red and white in colour. The first candy canes were produced in Germany in 1670.

At Bulk Wholesale Sweets, we’ve got some awesome candy canes for sale.

Choose from Jelly Belly Red Candy Canes Box and Jelly Belly Blue Candy Canes Box.


Maltesers date all the way back to 1937 and are produced by Mars.

Buy Maltesers in a box of 40 from Bulk Wholesale Sweets.

Cadburys Chocolate

We’ve got a HUGE selection of Cadburys Chocolate for you to sell in your confectionery store.

When you think about it, Cadburys Chocolate simply has to be included in our festive diets.

Whether it is an advent calendar, Christmas gift, party food or snack, Cadburys Chocolate is a top choice of treat over the festive period (and probably all through the year if we are honest!).

Cadburys dates all the way back to 1824 when John Cadbury opened his Bull Street shop. Since so much has advanced in the company, even the opening of Cadbury World in 1990!

Find Cadbury Fudge, Wispa, Twirl, Chomp, Crunchie and Dairy Milk available at Bulk Wholesale Sweets.

Chocolate Brazils

It wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolate Brazils!

If you are a fan of chocolate brazils then you are bound to enjoy chocolate Brazil’s from Beech’s.

Available with both a dark and milk chocolate covering, Beech’s chocolate Brazil’s are an indulgent chocolate treat that are full of nutty flavour.

Buy both Beech’s Dark Chocolate Brazils and Beech’s Milk Chocolate Brazils from Bulk Wholesale Sweets.

More seasonal wholesale sweets from Bulk Wholesale Sweets

Yes, there’s more!

Browse our further range of wholesale Christmas sweets, perfect for selling in your confectionery store during the festivities!