The UK certainly hasn’t lost its sweet tooth. Whilst many areas of our daily diet have been swayed by trends and in some cases, fads, we all still love sweets!

Channel 5 even made sweets the subject of one of its Britain’s Favourite shows. They concluded that Haribo were the most popular bag of sweets. When it comes to sweets sold by weight, or in a pick and mix shop, then it seems Juicy Strawberries, Jelly Beans and Cola Bottles are amongst the favourites.

In the last 10 years, there has been an apparent resurgence in the traditional sweet market. Nostalgic adults who remember the days when most shops sold sweets by the quarter are enjoying reviving that experience.

Not only that, they are passing this well loved tradition on to the next generations. 10 years ago, the world was advancing so quickly and dramatically that we had started to lose these simple pleasures. Watching the shopkeeper weigh out your gobstoppers or pear drops (secretly hoping they’d drop an extra one in) was all part of the experience of enjoying a sweet. As has been seen with the return of books and vinyl music to the high street, there is still a substantial minority who crave the real thing. The same can be said for sweets.

The last 10 years has not only seen us reject the virtual world for some of our experiences, it has also seen us look to be more inclusive in all of our leisure activities. Those with dietary requirements are no longer excluded from the magical world of sweets. Here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets we are pleased to offer a great selection of sugar free confectionery.

Traditional favourites, Werther’s Original are now available without sugar, as are Pear Drops and a whole lot more.

Confectionery manufacturers are working hard to include all dietary requirements in their products. We have over 60 different sweets to choice from in our vegetarian range including lots of the classics, like sherbert lemons. Also being constantly developed are sweets suitable for vegans and we are working hard to expand that right now. Those on a vegan diet can enjoy some old favourites, including fizzy cola bottles.

There are already over 70 choices in our gluten free range. Here, too, old classics, such as Aniseed Twists, can be enjoyed.


One trend, particularly in the weighed sweets market, is the increase in popularity of American Sweets. As the appetite for American culture grows, so, it seems, does the appetite for American confectionary. With some distinctively American brands, such as Root Beer Liquorice Twists and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans this means we can offer a truly transatlantic selection.

Our tastes and trends will certainly change again over the next 10 years too.  Whatever those changes are, whichever products are created or revived, you can be assured that, here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets, we will be right there to supply the latest sweets.