When it comes to confectionery, Christmas is special for all of us. From opening the first window of an advent calendar to finding room for another Walnut Whip on New Year’s day, we all love our Christmas feasts.

Christmas isn’t just about chocolate though.

Here’s a few of our favourites, which we’re sure will be as popular ever:

  • Candy Canes - what Christmas tree would be complete these stripy beauties. Little kids (and let’s face it, big kids and adults too) may deplete the tree of its stocks before the big day. Look out for sticky fingers.

  • Jack Daniels Whisky Chocolate - Yes, really. This is guaranteed to bring a smile to that relative who loves a shot of the famous bourbon as much as their chocolate. Strictly adults only this one.

  • Chocolate Money - Inflation may have ravaged the value of these classics. Yet, a shiny gold 10p piece is still just as hard to resist as a penny. Make sure your customers stock right up with these, they are also prone to disappear before the bearded one has dropped down the chimney.

  • Marzipan Bars - We simply had to include these. They may not be everybody’s first thought for Christmas, but we assure you they’re quite wonderful. And who doesn’t like a bit of marzipan at Christmas.

  • Giant Cola Bottle - And giant it is. All 800g of it. The dark fizzy drink is certainly kept in our minds as Christmas approaches. That famous company we all think of when we think of cola, you know the one, they tour the country with their sparkly truck during the 6 weeks before Christmas. So, this giant cola bottle definitely has a festive feel.

  • Crystallised Ginger -  Hot and spicy ginger, infused with sugar and crystallised before being dusted in more fine sugar. Another absolute Christmas classic which simply had to make the list.

  • Dark Chocolate Brazils - Bowls of nuts are always around the house during the festive season. Beech’s add a touch of mouth watering class to Brazil nuts with the addition of two layers of silky dark chocolate.

  • Turkish Delight - Rose and lemon flavoured cubes of the traditional gel, dusted in sugar and presented in an inviting box. Compiling this list has reminded us just what a wonderful time of year Christmas is for those who enjoy a sweet treat.

  • Candy Winter Stars Dispensers - These novelty dispensers are in the style of Christmas characters and are going to be grabbed off your counter as quickly as you can put them there.

We have only scratched the surface of our huge range of festive bulk offerings.

Families gathering for the festive holiday season will be stocking up their cupboards ready to spoil themselves and their guests.

Get in touch with us today to find the best deals for bulk orders on all of your customers’ Christmas favourites.