When it comes to chocolate, we’ve all got our favourites. If you treat yourself, only very occasionally to a bar (or two!), then most likely you’ll opt for the same one again and again!

Whether you are impartial to the mintiness of Matchmakers (or maybe you prefer the tangy orange ones?), the creamy coconut in a Bounty or the nuttiness of a Snickers, there are some clear winners in the world of chocolate and the bars that make different people (quite literally) melt.

Which chocolate bar do you prefer? And what does that say about you?

If you can’t resist…

  1. Maltesers

You love a light, biscuity snack and you’re great fun to be around. You are never shy to share your chocolatey treats and may not be impartial to a bubbly glass of fizz either!

  1. Mint chocolate Aero

You’re not afraid to be different and like variety in life. You’re the life and soul of a party, and you’ll brighten up any day!

       3. Snickers

You don’t do anything by halves and, at times, may have been described as a bit of a nutter! You’re adventurous, full of life and always happy to indulge.

       4. Flake

You can sometimes be described as indecisive but you’re happy to keep things simple. You’re often described as classy and elegant at times.

        5. Lindt Lindor

You love nothing more than the finer things in life and are not afraid of a little luxury. You’re of the motto that if you’re going to treat yourself, you may as well “go all out!”.

Of course there are tons more chocolates that can provide insight into the character of the consumer but we’ll stop there!

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular sweets in the UK…

According to divinechocolate.com, in the UK we eat on average of 11kg chocolate per person per year- that’s 660,900 tonnes in total!

So when we’re talking of popular chocolates, we’re really talking popular…

So what are the most popular UK chocolate bars? Well, here they are. Well, here are 10 of them anyway:

      Cadbury Dairy Milk

A firm favourite with both adults and children, Cadbury Dairy Milk takes the top spot. A simple chocolate that has mastered the taste test, Cadbury Dairy Milk has long been a hit.

       Kit Kat Chunky

Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty Kit Kat Chunky. With a delicious chocolatey outer and a biscuit centre, Kit Kat Chunky’s are full of energy to keep children (and adults) right up with the demands of life.  


Twirl is a combination of a Flake and Dairy Milk and is utterly delicious!

       Mint Aero

You couldn’t have a most popular chocolates list without the mint aero. A tasty chocolate with a refreshing taste, the mint aero is bubbly, scrumptious and a real treat. The aero is, of course, unique. The great thing about the mint flavour is the fact that it can be less intense than the full chocolate one, the same quality flavour however!


Ah, and now we come to the ultimate choice of choc for your 99’ Ice cream. When you think of  Flake, of course, you’ll immediately think of your favourite snack on the beach. That said, it’s a popular choice as a simple chocolate bar on its own too!




Alright, so they’re not everyone’s favourite but we thought Bounty’s deserved some air time.




Snickers’ are super nutty and chocolatey, and are a favourite of many! They’re particularly popular amongst sporting people who expend a lot of energy!



If Honeycombe is one of your favourite tastes, along with chocolate, then no doubt a Crunchie is at the top of your list when it comes to choosing your favourite treat.

We’re fans of a Crunchie too here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets.

Kit Kat

Don’t wait for a break! Have a Kit Kat when you want one. Kit Kats are a popular chocolate amongst adults and children.


Last but not least, no one can doubt that a Twix tastes fantastic. Caramel + chocolate+ biscuit = delicious!


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