Looking to buy a large quantity of sweets? Whether for events, or for retail, there are many reasons to buy your sweets in bulk.

Here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets we’re pleased to have put together this set of tips to help you make the most of your bulk purchases:

  • Talk To Us. It may seem obvious, but with our small and dedicated team are here to help. We are a family business and have a hundred years of history in the sweet industry. Please do talk to us, whether it for a simple chat or support with a stocking plan.
  • Buy Online. The days of market traders, sweet shop keepers, or other retailers relying on cash and carry outlets, or a travelling rep are long gone. The internet has shrunk the wholesale market place. We are confident that our wholesale sweets range will amaze you with its variety- and, of course, competitive pricing.
  • Shelf Life. When ordering, be sure to check the shelf life of the products. Many of our sweets, candy and other tasty confectionery goodies have long shelf life. Although our products are “built to last”, exposure to light, heat and moisture, can reduce the time that the sweets can be on the shelf. Melted chocolate bars and congealed bags of sweets don’t sell- so try to keep them in the best store position possible. When ordering from Bulk Wholesale Sweets, you can be sure our prompt delivery service removes the need to over order.
  • Follow The Crowd. Find out what is fashionable in the confectionery world. Research online resources. Confectionery News is a good place to find out about movements within the industry. And don’t forget that our own blog is full of useful and interesting stories from the world of sweets.
  • Take your Pick (and mix). Customers of all ages love to pick and mix their sweets. Make your display fit your space and you sweet range fill your display. The ultimate flexible confectionery product. We have fresh stock arriving daily and fast, economical shipping, your pick and mix display need never be empty. Brighten up the display further with these striped pick and mix bags.
  • Outside The Box (and in the jar). If your focal point is the sweets themselves why not display them in the jar? A huge selection of our sweets are available in jars, ready to line your shelves and tempt the customer. Perfect for weighing in front of the customer. If space does not allow for a pick and mix stand, this is a great way to keep the sweets visible.
  • Be Prepared. Whatever season is approaching, Christmas, Easter or Halloween to name just three, be ready. Your customer will be expecting you to have their favourite treats in stock to celebrate the time of year. See our fabulous range of seasonal sweets.
  • Offer Something Different. You could yourself offer sweets in bulk to your customers. Have a range available for kids’ parties or special deals for weddings. With some planning of your stock, you could take the shop to the customer for special occasions.

Whatever size or style of shop, or whether you just fancy stocking up on sweets, our family run business is the first choice for bulk buying those sweet favourites.