While sweets are generally one of the best, most tastiest, treats ever (we’re biased, but correct!), they’re not exactly the best things for our teeth.

Sugar is known to rapidly increase tooth decay which can lead to dental issues and raise the requirement of fillings, bridges and further treatments.

While most sweet products nowadays do label the ingredients included in the pack, it’s not always obvious exactly how much sugar the product has in comparison to other products.

Here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets, we are experts in the sweets industry and have put together the following top five best (and worst!) sweets for your teeth.

So you know the ones that you really ought to look out for…

We’ll start with the BEST sweets for your teeth…


BEST #1 Dark chocolate

While it’s not everyone’s favourite type of chocolate, dark chocolate is the best choice for teeth. It tends to be better for your teeth than milk and white chocolate simply because it generally contains less sugar and also is less likely to stick to the teeth. Of course, the amount of sugar varies depending on the bar, but overall dark chocolate is the better choice for healthier teeth.

Overtime, eating chocolate does have an impact on your teeth, therefore, even when eating dark chocolate, it should be monitored.

Here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets, we sell a variety of dark chocolate choices. These include:

  • Free’ist Dark Chocolate and Mint Bar

The Free’ist Dark Chocolate and Mint Bar is sugar-free dark chocolate bar and, therefore, a better choice of choc for healthier teeth. It comes as a 75g bar, in a pack of 10 from Bulk Wholesale Sweets.

  • Free’ist Dark Chocolate and Orange Bar

Another choice if mint isn’t your thing, the Free’ist Dark Chocolate and Orange Bar is another sugar-free, dark chocolate choice that can be a more sensible option for healthier teeth. The difference between this bar and the mint one is, of course, the orange flavour that features in the bar.


BEST #2 Sugar- free gum

Sugar-free gum is arguably the best “sweet” for teeth, since it doesn’t cause the undesirable effects of sugary sweets and also encourages the production of saliva.

While we don’t sell sugar-free chewing gum here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets, we do sell Thorne’s Sugar-free Spearmint Chews

Containing no sugar at all but having a super spearmint taste, they’re definitely one for the next order.

BEST #3 Candy with nuts

Candy with nuts can stop sweets sticking to your teeth which can cause damage and wearing to the enamel.

Bulk Wholesale Sweets stock candy with nuts to suit different customer tastes…

Some of our chocolates with nuts include:

A mixture of smooth chocolates and nuts, the Big Bear Chewing Nuts may be one of our sweets that are better for teeth.

They’re old-fashioned, nostalgic sweets that are still popular today…

Brazil nuts coated in a chocolate flavour...delicious! It’s even better knowing that nutty chocolate are the better choice of treat for dental health.

Brazil nuts covered in plain chocolate, you can’t get much more indulgent than that. Enjoy!

BEST #4 Sugar-free candy

Sugar-free candy is, of course, the best choice of sweetie for your teeth. We’ve got a large range of sugar-free sweets and sugar-free chocolate here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets.

For a citrus taste (that isn’t too sweet for your teeth!), the Barnett’s Sugar-free Sherbet Lemons are your best bet.

For some, liquorice is their absolute favourite sweet treat. And, for those wanting to look after their teeth, De Bron Sugar Free Liquorice Buttons are a sensible (and tasty!) option.

There are very few people who don’t enjoy indulging in a marshmallow or two and the Free’ist Sugar-free Marshmallows are definitely the better option for teeth. Simply because they are sugar-free!

BEST #5 Sugar-free Hard Candy

Sugar-free hard candy is a better option for your teeth over sugary chewy candy (for obvious reasons!). Although hard candy is eaten slowly, it can promote the production of saliva in the mouth that can help whiten teeth.

The Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Hard Candy sweets are an excellent choice of sugar-free candy available from Bulk Wholesale Sweets.

And the WORST?

Now for the knitty gritty…

Unfortunately, while sweets are a tasty treat that can brighten our mood and bring back nostalgic memories. The drawback for teeth means that we do need to consume them in moderation.


The following sweets are regarded as the worst for your teeth and should not be eaten too often…

(A little bit of what you fancy can’t hurt though…)

WORST #1 Taffy

Taffy is fluffy, chewy candy that is made by pulling and stretching boiled sugar. Flavoured or unflavoured, it always tastes great.

WORST #2 Sour Candies

Sour sweets are high in both sugar and acid which doubles the negative impact on teeth. The sour coating can remain on teeth, wearing down the enamel- fast.

WORST #3 Chewy Sweets

Chewy sweets are most likely to stick to your teeth and, therefore, cause tooth decay more quickly.

WORST #4 Milk Chocolate covered dried fruit

Despite the health benefits (and energy-giving properties) of dried fruit, it sticks to your teeth (specifically to the back ones). Add a layer of milk chocolate to that? Doubly tasty but doubly worse for the teeth.

WORST #5 Chocolate bars with sweet centres

Plain chocolate bars are a better option to those with particular sweet and sticky centres. While toffee encased in chocolate is the ultimate sweet treat, you won’t want to opt for this too often for the sake of your pearly whites.

Buy a variety of sweets from Bulk Wholesale Sweets

We sell all sorts of sweets, including those that are both better and worse for the teeth. Our sugar-free range is a popular option that can help customers looking to limit their sugar intake for a healthier mouth.