The summer holidays are here and we thought that the best way to celebrate would be to share with you our top 5 summer treats that can be enjoyed in the sun on a warm and refreshing day. We don't get great summers here in the UK, I think we can all admit that but with a nice lengthy summer break, there's plenty to do (and eat) here in the UK, thanks to our wide selection of confectionery.

We stock over 1000+ confectionery products so choosing 5 is really tough. We sat down and based on selection on a number of things including colour, size, weight, deliciousness and of course, popularity! So, let's get started in showing off what we think are the 5 best summer sweets that you should be enjoying!

  • Cadbury Flake - This has to be one of the most iconic chocolates on the planet as well as being hugely popular in the summer mainly thanks to a little something called ice cream! A 99p is known all over the world and is enjoyed by lots of people in the warm weather as a cold, refreshing treat. 
  • Hannah's Bubblegum Balls - These are small, colourful balls of bubblegum, very similar in shape, colour and taste to the sweetie that you'd find at the bottom of a screwball (who remembers those!?). These come in a selection of summer colours and can be eaten on their own or combined with other summer treats such as ice cream, cakes or novelty toppers.
  • Kingsway Beach Mix - Beach mix are delicious gummy sweets that come in a wide range range of colours and shapes but they all have one theme in common, the beach! The beach often lies empty during our cold winters but when the sun is out, the beach is a great place to enjoy. Beach mix comes with a fruity flavour with shapes including a spade, seashells and even a bucket!
  • Rock Candy Dummies - Candy dummies and rock sticks are costal confectionery that is popular all year round but really comes alive in the summer months. Rock candy are hard sweets that are often seen in the shape of long sticks or dummies. There are hundreds of different flavours with some rock having personalised messages inside them. If you're ever near Blackpool during the summer, pop in and watch how they make rock, it's very interesting. 
  • Chocolate Stones - Chocolate stones and pebbles are very realistic sweets. They are pebble shaped pieces of confectionery that have a hard, crispy candy shell but a delicious milk chocolate middle, making an unusal yet tasty summer treat. The non-tasty versions are often seen on the beach and these are so realistic that we urge people not to get the 2 mixed up! 

We hope that you've enjoyed reading our top 5 summer sweeties and if you've got a favourite, please let us know in the comments box below. There's plenty of summer sweets that we've missed but these 5 right here are the ultimate summer selection.