Most people enjoy a sweet or two. They also love their chocolate. In fact, confectionery still offers huge rewards if marketed well. Better Wholesaling report that the UK confectionery industry is worth a whopping £5.3bn a year. Nearly £2bn of which is taken up by candy, or sweets.

So, retailers are well advised to be on the ball about just who is eating all of those sweet treats.

  • Today’s discerning customers are taking greater care when choosing their sweet snacks. Some of the major factors influencing people’s sweet buying include:
  • An increased awareness of sugar content in confectionery.
  • A better understanding of obesity, diabetes and other sugar related illnesses.
  • Whether ingredients have been sourced ethically.
  • Checking that products have been produced organically.
  • The increased use of calorie counting tools, such as mobile phone apps.

 Despite all of this, according to The Grocer sales of products classed as sugar candy are increasing 7% year on year.

 It would be easy to assume that the age group who are most switched on to the health and ethical challenges of confectionery consumption would be teenagers and young adults. If this was true, then we would expect to see consumption amongst that age group fall.

 According to one study, though,(from Statista) it is the 11 - 18 year old group who are clearly consuming the most confectionery. 4 -10 year olds and 19 - 64 year olds eat as much as each other as the second highest consumer group.

 What could explain this?

 As wholesalers, we closely watch market trends. We have good relationships with suppliers and can quickly adapt the range we stock. We are always adding new ranges to our stock and retailers can be sure we can keep them ahead of the game.

 The savvy 11 - 18 year olds are keeping their sweet and chocolate intake up by making smart choices. This has led to increased sales of products which support their health and ethics conscious buying choices.

 Confectionery still leads the way as the go-to impulse snack. See our earlier blog about how sweet buying has changed and how here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets are constantly responding to those changes.

 Do get in touch to talk about which products to stock to help you tempt all age groups. 


As well as all of the favourites and classics we have a huge range of more specialist sweets to choose from. These include sweets to suit those with particular dietary requirements. We are pleased to stock as many ranges as possible to ensure that those who have restrictions on what they can safely eat aren’t excluded.



It is true that grabbing the attention of the 11 - 18 year olds is clearly a good business move. All age groups are enjoying their sweet treats as much as ever and you should certainly embrace that.

For all your wholesale sweet needs get in touch and let’s get all ages enjoying your sweets.