Wholesale Lindt Chocolate

Wholesale Lindt Chocolate

Lindt are master chocolatiers who have been making mouth-watering Swiss chocolate products for over 170 years. As leading chocolate manufacturers, Lindt and their indulgent chocolates are loved by people all over the world. So much so, their Golden Chocolate Bunny is now synonymous with Easter.

Leading chocolate manufacturers

The Lindt range of chocolates aren’t limited to just Lindor milk chocolate truffles and the Golden Chocolate Bunny though, their huge selection of chocolates comes in all manner of mouth-watering flavours, colours and wrappers.

So whether it’s Lindor milk chocolate truffles you’re after, or Lindor bars of smooth Swiss chocolate, Bulk Wholesale Sweets stocks the full Lindt range for you to choose from. But it has to be said, their most popular is the original milk chocolate offering, closely followed by the dark chocolate.

Here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets, the leading UK sweets and chocolate wholesaler, you will find all of the Lindt products that you need to add to your stock - because these Swiss chocolate products are the ones your customers crave.

Lindt Seasonal Products

Lindt seasonal products are the perfect chocolate gift that can be given at any type of special occasions. Whether it’s Easter with the Golden Chocolate Bunny, or Christmas with the Milk Chocolate Reindeer, or Valentine’s Day with the Lindt Chocolate Hearts bulk, nothing expresses love or gratitude quite like the smooth melting filling of a Lindt Swiss chocolate product.

If you run your own chocolate shop, convenience store or you sell gifts, stocking Lindt chocolates will enhance your offerings and attract the attention of your chocolate loving customers, on the lookout for a special chocolate gift.

Lindt, the leading chocolate manufacturer and their Swiss chocolate products are the epitome of a trusted, quality chocolate brand.

Lindor Chocolate truffles

The Lindor milk chocolate truffles are so incredibly moreish, it’s nearly impossible to stop at just one, so for your convenience, Bulk Wholesale Sweets stock all of Lindt’s mouth-watering flavours including, but not limited to Hazelnut Lindor, Milk Chocolate Lindor and White Chocolate Lindor, though of course the smooth melting filling chocolate truffles are also available in Coconut, Coffee, Irish Cream, Caramel and Stracciatella, making them the best choice for your customers.

Swiss chocolate products

Our wholesale Lindt chocolate range includes:

  • Lindor milk chocolate truffles

  • Lindt Gold Bunny

  • Lindt Gold Reindeer

  • Lindt Gold Bears

  • Lindor bars

  • Hazelnut Lindor

  • Milk Chocolate Lindor

  • White Chocolate Lindor

  • Lindt Chocolate Hearts bulk

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