Biggest Confectionery Sales During Lockdown

Lockdown came to Britain as we approached Easter. In normal years chocolate sales grow enormously as Easter approaches, but in 2020, this effect was greatly exaggerated. Those that were able to still get out and shop seemed to be doubling up on all the Easter treats. People who were advised to stay home were certainly making the most of delivery services to stock up too. Reports suggest that Cadbury’s Creme Egg consumption was over double that of 2019.

This early spring run on chocolate seemed to have whetted the public’s appetite for some comfort food. It wasn’t just the supermarkets meeting the increase in demand either. Many small retailers, independent grocery and local shops have all stepped up their service in these unheard of times. Offering delivery and click and collect style services has meant that the small operators could compete with the big chains. Hopefully the loyalty to the local shops will continue as we slowly return to normal.

Chocolate Countlines

Chocolate is the perfect choice for ‘countlines’, products which might sit on the counter and end up being impulse purchases. Finances were a lot tighter for many during lockdown and sales figures show that the more extravagant, or artisan, chocolate products became slightly less popular whilst those budget priced favourites saw a healthy increase in sales.

Great choices for your customers to make a grab for off the counter are sensibly priced snacks such as Chomp and Fudge bars, both from Cadbury’s.

We stock chocolate countlines in many varieties, including the fine gluten free or sugar free offerings from Free’ist and alcohol infused treats from Goldfrenn.

What’s New In Chocolate?

We are pleased to be able to offer some very tasty new treats in our chocolate pick’n’mix, or by weight, range. Manufacturer, Carol Ann, has come up with some variations on classic chocolate peanuts. How about some crunch from either their Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts, or the mouth watering Milk Chocolate Cashew. The same manufacturer has also added some lovely Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel to their range. 

For the Harry Potter mad, we can reveal these amazing Chocolate Creatures as well as some chocolate magic from these Wands. Our team are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products in all types of confectionery, why not follow our Facebook page for more news about our range. 

The Best Selling Chocolate During Lockdown.

As we often report, the customer always turns to what they know and love. No matter how many new products are developed, some classics will always be top sellers.The biggest selling chocolate bar during lockdown? You guessed it, good old Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Why not stock them as a standard sized bar countline, they won’t be sat on the counter for long.

For all of your stock requirements as life slowly returns to normal, get in touch with us today.

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