June - a month of celebrations!

The month of June conjures up scenes of long, hot, bright days with us all looking forward to the official start of summer on June 21st. And in June 2020, it seems that 21st June is quite a calendar event, celebrating not just the start of summer for us all in the northern hemisphere but celebrations that include Fathers Day, World Giraffe Day and Make Music Day


In fact, June is packed full of celebratory days ranging from World Milk Day, Sausage Roll Day to World Oceans Day to name but a few!  And over in the US the month of June is their National Candy Month (a great celebration in our view!) 

But with the current restrictions we are experiencing and having had so many group events and celebrations postponed or cancelled from birthday to weddings, sporting events and country fairs we need great imaginations and good planning to enjoy a ‘stay at home’ event.

Let’s start with Father’s Day and a wonderful opportunity to spoil those special people with a treat or two or three……! Fathers Day has its roots in America and we have a fabulous selection of US sweets, chocolate and confectionery that will get Dad’s taste buds very excited. And with the day falling on the summer solstice ( the longest day) there will be a lot of opportunity to taste and enjoy lots of different sweets and candy. You could set up ‘sweet tasting station’ of different confectionery for all to share and if it is a blazing hot and sunny June day - store some of the goodies that are likely to succumb to the heat (like gloriously tempting bars of Hershey chocolate)  in a cool fridge and have a ‘Tangtastic’ selection of flavoured sweets that can refresh and revive throughout the day. 

The great thing about having a selection (or Pick n’ Mix) of sweets is that there will always be a choice for everyone, as selections of confectionery range from vegan, vegetarian, halal, sugar free and dairy free. So, by planning a stay at home event, and where the social distancing measures have been put in place,  with access to keep hands clean, it will be a really fun activity to look forward to. 

So, with the absence of the traditional summer events and summer fairs we all love to attend - why not make your own garden, patio, back yard or balcony event? 

With World Ocean day appearing in the June calendar, why not have a selection of ocean inspired sweets like Jelly Dolphins, Mermaids or Starfish or even Funky Fish n’ Chips and maybe surprise the Milkman for World Milk Day with a packet or two of Barratt Milk Gums, Candyland Milk Bottles or gummy milk shakes!  As in the words of our most famous fictional Candy Man Mr Wonka, there were no bounds to ‘pure imagination’! 

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Barratt Barratt Foam Bumper Bananas - 2kg
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