The Health Benefits of Drinking Soda

While drinking soda may seem like a novelty treat, there are many other reasons why you should be stocking up on the fizzy stuff. There’s nothing better than a cold soda on a hot day or at the end of a long shift at work – and the good news is, that there are several benefits that these drinks can provide.

 It’s a well-known fact that soda drinks can be high in calories and sugar, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t drink them – especially when consumed in moderation Just take a look at just some of the benefits below:

It hydrates you

According to scientific studies, consuming soda can have the same impact on the body as drinking the eight glasses of water; despite concerns that soda has the complete opposite effect. However, do be aware that you shouldn’t rely on soda to stay hydrated – but it would be recommended when you’re feeling particularly drained and in need of a boost, such as after heavy exercise.

Contains caffeine

There are some sodas which contain high amounts of caffeine. This chemical gives you a newfound sense of energy and a higher level of focus. While the body doesn’t necessarily need caffeine to function on a day-to-day basis, it’s certainly a chemical that gives your body the kickstart it needs to power through the day. According to a scientific study, caffeine reduces tiredness and prevents overexertion during extreme exercise, which can be dangerous, so it would be a good idea to take a bottle of soda to the gym with you.

Due to the high levels of caffeine, it would only be recommended to consume approximately five servings per day as a health and safety precaution, as high levels of caffeine has been known to cause the likes of anxiety, nausea and disrupted sleeping patterns.

Eases digestion

Do you ever feel bloated after eating? According to scientific studies, soda can ease digestion and prevent stomach pain. One of the more severe digestive issues is phytobezoar; a condition in which there is a lack of stomach acid, making it difficult for food to be digested properly. As a result, the individual may experience bloating and discomfort in the abdominal area.

GPs and medical professionals often recommend the individual to consume soda as a home treatment remedy to lessen symptoms. As soda is highly acidic, it replaces the lack of gastric acid to ensure the digestive symptom is functioning exactly as it should.

Eases nausea

There has always been a rumour that flat soda (and especially coca-cola) can help to relieve stomach problems such as nausea. Although this is still very much speculation and there is no scientific evidence to prove the theory, many people swear by drinking a glass of soda to settle an upset stomach, which is most likely down to the high sugar content.


While there are many benefits to drinking soda, it’s also important to be aware of the precautions of drinking too much of it. As already mentioned, Soda has an extremely high sugar content, which can cause several other health complaints including diabetes and obesity, therefore, drinking soda in moderation is key. It’s easy to crave soda regularly, so having a glass of water in between each can or bottle will allow you to drink soda safely.

It would always be a good idea to buy soda in bulk, as it could save you so much cash than buying each can separately. You can purchase a range of brand and flavours here. Keep checking our website for new-in stock.

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