Terms and Conditions of purchasing American food, confectionery and drink from Bulk Wholesale Sweets

Regulations regarding food labelling have now changed and we would like to outline for you the responsibilities of both us (The Wholesaler) and you (The Retailer) under the updated provisions.

Please be aware that upon payment of the invoice for goods supplied by us you are agreeing to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.

The two areas of change are:

1) Appropriate UK compliant ingredient labelling displaying on all pre-packaged goods highlighting allergen information.

2) A Best Before Date in the UK format to be displayed on all pre packaged goods (excluding chewing gum).

Allergen and Ingredient Labelling

As The Wholesaler it is our responsibility to provide you, The Retailer with the UK compliant ingredients labels and information as directed by the new provisions. It is your responsibility as The Retailer to label all goods before they are displayed for sale to the end user. We are constantly checking and updating our label information and this is accessible anytime by Appleton & Sons customers via Dropbox.

What you need to do...

Follow this Dropbox link – http://tinyurl.com/jpoqtft

Print off the label sheets for every product you order

Affix the label to each product before displaying for sale

You will need a basic printer and Avery L7160 labels

Best Before Dates

It is your responsibility as The Retailer to display a Best Before Date on all products (excluding chewing gum) in a UK date format. Different manufacturers in the USA provide this information in different ways. We have provided you below examples of how to translate the date format.

If you still can’t translate a date or you are having any issues we would be happy to investigate this for you and find a solution.

Thank-you for your continued business and understanding on the importation and sales of American Food and Drink within specific guidelines and regulations which must to adhered to following the new piece of European Legislation called the Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC). Additional Information can be found by following this link:


Best Before Examples

Many date codes contain a letter for the month which all follow this sequence A-January B-February C-March D-April E-May F-June G-July H-August I-September J-October K-November L-December

Production codes

Eg Charleston Chew/Junior Mints/Laffy Taffy/Tootsie Roll

B2714 12 months shelf life

B is the month, 27 is the day and 14 the year. So this product was created on the 27th February 2014 and is Best Before 27th February 2015

American Date Format

Eg Mars products (this is found on the outer box but not the actual product)


Best Before 31st January 2016

End Code

Eg Nestle products such as Butterfingers, 100 Grand Bar, Oh Henry Bar

5334574823 15L

15 is the year and L is the month so these are Best Before December 2015

Soda Can Dates

Eg Pepsi Throwback, Coke Vanilla (on the base of the can)

MAR0315KMC 12101CT#83

Best Before 3rd March 2015

If you require any help in deciphering a Best Before Date or Production code please don’t hesitate to contact us.