2020 - What’s New In The World Of Sweets

As we enter a new decade, the tastes and demands of the sweet eating public are evolving. What are the major players in confectionery producing to satisfy these new demands?

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Seasonal Sweets

As Christmas becomes a distant memory, the next round of seasonal dates will soon be upon us. Valentine’s Day is still a popular time for lovers to give those special chocolate gifts. Coming soon after that will be Easter, and all of the opportunities that presents for chocolate and sweet sales. Most manufacturers are launching new lines for Easter, not least Nestle. They already produce so many international favourites, but look out for some exciting products and flavours this year. These are set to include a Smarties Bunny Family and giant Milky Bar eggs. There are going to be Cadbury’s Creme Egg gift boxes on the shelves too.

Variations Of Classic Sweets

We all go back to our favourites. Whether it’s chocolate bars, hard boiled sweets or candy, there are those classic brands we simply can’t move on from. Everybody loves a tubes of Smarties, we surely all agree on that. Well, brace yourselves, 2020 will see the little chocolate treats available as ‘buttons’. 

Healthier And Better For The Planet

As momentum grows for us all to be more respectful of our own health, and that of the world we live in, major brands are responding. Lots of the confectionery you are used to enjoying is starting to be packaged more responsibly. Less and less plastic is being used for packaging and those shiny (non-recyclable) wrappers are being replaced with compostable, or at least recyclable, material.

Sales of brands purporting to offer health benefits, or containing natural, unprocessed ingredients are set to double this year. Cadbury’s have already re- launched some of its chocolate range, claiming the chocolate has 30% less sugar than previously. Chocolate saw its sales grow far better than other confectionery in 2019, there is no reason to believe this won’t be the case in 2020.

There is set to be much less focus on quantity in confectionery marketing in 2020. Brands will instead be pushing the quality and organic qualities of their offerings.

Flavour Trends

The consumer has established salted caramel as a firm favourite and we can expect more and more brands to adopt the flavour during 2020. Yoghurt coatings are another twist which is becoming more popular. Any sort of sweet could end up having the creamy coating available during this year. Fudge brownie chocolates, pretzel flavoured bars, cookies and creme and combinations of milk and dark chocolate (in the same bar) are all set to challenge your taste buds in 2020.

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