Celebrating Confectionary for Veganuary and Dry January

So, here we are at the start of a new decade and already we have the new year challenge of Dry January upon us and the raising awareness of veganism through Veganuary. What can you offer your customers with tempting confectionary that encompasses both these January challenges? 

Well let’s look at Dry January and after the excesses of the festive season.  Some of us take the decision (with great difficulty sometimes!) to cut down or cut out those alcoholic drinks that we enjoy and maybe enjoyed a bit too much…..But what can confectioners offer to make the dark days of January a bit brighter whilst we are not partaking in the odd tipple or two? Something maybe to help raise those endorphin levels whilst watching your favourite film or out watching a game of football. It is time then to get those stocks of sunny Vidal Pina Colada sweets or the Vidal Pint Pots in as a chewy sweet treat for your customers who are taking the Dry January option. 

And for the chocolate options for your shelves, what about the sweet flavours of the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Bar or the Captain Morgan Rum Chocolate Bar? Deliciously tempting and offering that feel good factor to your customers who are looking for a little luxury and a perhaps a more ‘grown up’ chocolate bar.  It can’t be cheating though - can it? 


January also has Sugar Awareness week too and with confectionary being an inclusive product, everyone who wants to taste a sweet candy treat or two can do so with the continued development and production of sugar free and vegan sweets.  

With more of us taking more informed dietary choices, you are probably finding that your customers are demanding more of these options for sugar free, vegetarian and vegan sweets and candy. Veganuary is an event that started in 2014 to raise awareness, promote, educate and encourage people to try a Vegan diet and you are more than likely noticing that year on year,  the demand for vegan candy since that first launch in 2014 has grown and is now likely to be an important part of any confectionery business.

We do our best to source the best quality vegan sweets for you to choose and stock your shelves with and are continually adding more lines and working with manufacturers to get the best sweets for you. With your customers making more informed choices about how and what they choose to eat and understanding what their food contains is definitely a growing market. https://www.bulkwholesalesweets.co.uk/wholesale-vegan-sweets


Sugar Awareness week is another initiative that began in January  2014 and takes place this year from 20th - 26th. 


Confectionary manufacturers are reacting well to the initiative and are continually developing more and more sugar free sweets retaining all those fabulous flavours. We have a varied range of sugar free sweets to tempt your customers from Barnetts Sugar Free Sherbet Lemons, De Bron Sugar Free Liquorice Buttons and Freeist Sugar Free Marshmallows


And for those of your customers who want a their sweets to be representative of both Dry January and be sugar free - the perfect quarter of sweets has to be….

De Bron Sugar Free Wine Gums!