Sweet Delights for the New Decade

2020, an exciting new decade ahead bringing with it new sweet delights to enjoy. 

A decade of delightful, delicious, delectable treats with new innovative ideas and still keeping the traditional sweets we all love. And the new year means we look forward to all those special celebrations and events with Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter in the first part of the year, so our confectionery shelves need stocking up with traditional themes of hearts, flowers and eggs and alternative, new choices. 

We will see an an increase in the demand for sweets for the customer with dietary needs, so your customers who have a dietary intolerance, require a low sugar option or choose to be vegetarian and vegan, there will be a bigger choice of sweet treats to offer them. So looking forward to 2020,  stocking your shelves with confectionery offering alternative choices will certainly become more popular.

Themed and novelty sweets are always popular through any decade, and the demand for such sweets will grow. Brands such as the hugely popular  ‘Harry Potter’ brand, and Pez Candy with its ‘Superhero Girls’, ‘Jurassic World’,’Peppa Pig’ ‘Frozen’ and many more. Novelty sweets are perfect to stock for customers who are taking trips to the theatre, cinema, holding children’s parties, sweets at weddings as favours or just for fun on a cart for guests and for choosing sweet gifts for a celebration. Novelty sweets are full of flavour, colour and fun and definitely appeal to your ‘pocket money’ customers who look for sweet treats that are affordable and have their  favourite, colourful characters to choose from!

And according to the December 2019 edition of the online magazine ‘ The Grocer’, it reveals that chocolate has been the fastest growing grocery category of 2019. This is a sign of our appetites increasing for chocolate and sweet treats especially when times are more challenging, where an indulgent treat or two shared with friends and family offers an alternative to the ‘big night out’, for example, the introduction of the ‘sharing bags’ have become a big selling item for chocolate manufacturers. With chocolate treats being advertised to us with words such as’ the taste of Paradise’ and ‘full of eastern promise’,  conjuring up images of luxury and relaxation so that when we finally take a moment to enjoy indulging in our chosen chocolate bar, we are encouraged to imagine that all our worries and concerns disappear for that indulgent chocolate moment. Mmmmmmm! 


So for 2020, keep looking out for new twists on old favourites such as the Salted Caramel Milky Way bar, yoghurt coated Skittles and the chocolate M&M blocks now available in crispy chocolate, hazelnut and peanut.