Perfect Sweets for Weddings

If you have attended a wedding recently, you may have noticed that the bride and groom treated their guests to sweets. What you may not realise is, that pick and mix sweets are in fact, one of the latest trends during the planning of the big day. If you’re looking to get married soon, this type of wedding favour could be an option up for consideration - especially if you’re planning on bringing the fun factor to the big day.

Sweets can add a pop of colour to the decor and ultimately become a real talking point amongst your guests come evening time. If you have a theme in mind, you’re also bound to source sweets to suit.

Without a doubt, picking the right sweets for your guests is a crucial decision – you need to think about the age of guests and what they’re most likely to enjoy. Everyone tends to have their favourite candy and while you can’t cater to everyone’s interests, it would always be a good idea to take a look through some of the most popular options for your sweet favours.

 Retro sweets have become hugely popular for weddings – especially with the older generation who will reminisce about eating them in their childhood. Some of the most popular retro sweet options include the likes of Bonbons, flying saucers, sugar mice and chocolate coins to name just a few.

 However, jelly and chewy sweets are also ideal for youngsters and pose as less of a risk of choking - especially if they have the freedom to help themselves. Some of the options to consider include the likes of cola bottles, gummy bears, wine gums and gummy worms.

 Gifting your guests a packet of Love Hearts at their place name would also be another quirky touch when choosing wedding sweets.

How many sweets do you need to buy?

 The huge question to ask yourself is – how many sweets do you need to buy? It will probably have to be a guess, seeing as though you don’t know how many guests will head over to the sweet trolley (if you have one), but it is much easier to place sweets individually at place names or add jars to the tables to be shared around.


 Be wary that some of your guests may have allergies or dietary requirements. The good news is that Bulk Wholesale Sweets offer sweets and chocolates for a range of dietary requirements, including:

•           Sugar-free sweets and chocolate

•           Vegan sweets

•           Gluten-free sweets

•           Vegan sweets

•           Vegetarian sweets

•           Dairy-free sweets

 If you’re planning on creating your very own sweet table for your wedding rather than hiring a professional supplier, Bulk Wholesale Sweets is the perfect place to source all of the sweets you need in bulk for a cheaper price!

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