Pocket Money Sweets - What’s your favourite?

How often do sweets and confectionery bring us a bit of sweet happiness and delight?  ‘Sugar and spice and all things nice’ is something we all want some of - isn’t it?  There is such a huge range of confectionery available to us that no-one should miss out on sweet and tasty, chewy and soft, tangy and refreshing flavours,  especially now with special dietary considerations included in the manufacture of sweets including halal, dairy free, sugar free, vegan and vegetarian options, making it possible for a sweet treat to be enjoyed by everyone. 



And with so many great manufacturers of sweets and confectionery available to us,  many of whom have been producing sweets for many years, what would be the favourite sweets to choose? 

The traditional sweet shop or local corner corner shop was always a great place to go with a handful of coins from pocket money earned, and now with supermarkets and bigger stores all having well stocked shelves of confectionery, there is so much more choice and not just for those pocket money spenders - we all like to choose a treat for ourselves or for someone else.



With well stocked and well presented shelves full of the retro sweets that your customers will remember, will surely encourage them to purchase those sweets that they loved and never grew out of!  Thinking about ABC Candy Letters, Candy Sticks, Catherine Liquorice Wheels, Dew Drops, Sherbet Dib Dabs and Black Jacks for starters!  Memories of clutching a paper bag or paper cone full of Jelly Babies, Jelly Beans and Foam Bumper Bananas picked and weighed themselves from the pick n’ mix shelves at the local shop or won at a fairground or on a seaside holiday pier. The memories of taste and smell of the favourite sweets come flooding back.



And taking these memories and thoughts into consideration, old fashioned and retro sweets not only taste wonderful and are a fabulous treat to have, and are often used to help in evoking good memories in situations where memory is becoming impaired; the taste of Sherbet Fountain, Sugar Mice, Candy Laces or even a Sherbet Flying Saucer or two can bring memories flooding back to some of us with the texture and smell of our favourite sweets.  Having a good selection of retro sweets, chocolate and biscuits on your shop shelves has never been more important than at this time -  as taking a gift of sweet confectionery to those that maybe have missed out over the last weeks will no doubt lift spirits and, after all, we all love to receive our favourite sweet treats. 



July is National Picnic Month in the UK and having been living through a few very unusual months, our favourite treats have definitely been top of the list for most of us  and with July promising long summer days and more opportunities to go out and about, we definitely need to include a few of our pocket money favourite confectionery delights wherever we go.  So what favourites will you include? 

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Barratt Foam Bumper Bananas - 2kg
Barratt Barratt Foam Bumper Bananas - 2kg
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