Summer Sweets: Treats To Look Forward To

When the world starts to return to normal, kids and adults alike will be looking to enjoy some summer warmth and treat themselves to their favourite summer sweets. Summer is a great time to be selling confectionery, and this year people are going to be ready to treat themselves. Be ready too by trying out some of these summer favourites.

Even if there isn’t an ice cream van around, we can enjoy the same seasonal flavours by grabbing some summer tasting confectionery. These ice cream cones from Crazy Candy Factory not only taste like the real thing, they look like ice creams too!

Also in a wholesale tub of 75 are the sweet tasting strawberries from the same manufacturer. Looking and tasting like a summer fruit, they are definitely tempting. If your location means youngsters are likely to be popping in to spend their pocket money, these are a great choice.

 Back on the ice cream theme, stock up on Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, with an ice cream flavour, available in a 1kg wholesale bag. 

 Warmer weather will mean families are less likely to be packing chocolate for their days out or picnics and will be looking for a variety of sweets to keep the kids fed and happy. Despite this, particularly if people keep their snacks in the fridge, there are chocolate treats which do feel right in the summer months. Cadbury’s Flake, for example, is a year round classic. It is still quite unique in the chocolate world and appeals to all ages.

 Summer time also gets us thinking about fun times and trips to the beach or fair ground. We’ve found this Vimto flavoured candy floss tub very popular and what about this beach mix from Kingsway? Every jelly sweet is shaped and coloured like things you’d discover on the beach.

Kids love collecting rocks and pebbles. Tidmans have extended this theme, offering these wholesale pebbles and stones which are coated chocolates. It’s uncanny how much they look like the real thing, you may end up trying to skim them across the water. 

Knowing what to stock

Exactly how you should stock for summer sales will depend on many factors. Your location, the demographic of the community you are based in along with your own experience from other years will all help you decide on what your summer range should look like. Whether you go for confectionery which visually replicates the summer experience or concentrate on traditional flavours, we will have the stock you need.

 And talk to us, we have many years of experience of supplying seasonal confectionery to all manner of sweet selling outlets. Together we can put a plan together to maximise your summer sales. With the lowest trade prices and fast, economical delivery, Bulk Wholesale Sweets can help you kickstart the summer. 

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