‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’....

…….‘Skies are Blue’, sometimes with fluffy white clouds and even red skies bringing a sense of joy and happiness - just as confectionery does during difficult times. And with the highly unusual times that we are all experiencing, we can bring a dash of sweetness and colour in the world to make a bit of a difference. 

Rainbow sweets! Brightly coloured, sweet and delicious, chewy and sometimes a bit sour, or even a bit of magical rainbow dust! With rainbows being such an important theme during these unprecedented times, having your shelves filled with colourful rainbow themed confectionery will no doubt bring a sweet smile of hope and joy to your customers. From Halal rainbow lollies to the new Swizzels Matlow unicorn rainbow drops there is a great choice of rainbow themed confectionery. From a shelf full of rainbow coloured confectionery, perhaps give your customers the chance of creating gift boxes or ‘swag’ bags of rainbow sweets to purchase to give as thoughtful gifts.  

 Add another colourful display of bags and boxes of red, white and blue sweets and you have a shelf of sweets supporting, unifying and celebrating the nation at a unique time, as well as promoting ideas and purchases for corporate gifts and themed events such weddings, birthdays, retirement, engagement, network meetings and much more.

Having a sweet themed sweet cart or confectionery display decked out in single colour themes gives a striking look, whereas a rainbow confectionery themed display brings instant fun and colour to your event. 

With a huge selection of red sweets including Haribo red heart throbs, Sweetzone red and black gummy berries, Gelco cherry liquorice wheels, white sweets including Sweetzone halal small marshmallows and Twix white chocolate bars and a fabulous selection of blue sweets including blue bon bons and Pimlico Vegan Fizzy Blue bottles. There are sweets to cover all colour themes and for customers with particular dietary requirements there is a big selection of sugar free, halal, vegan and vegetarian sweets available.  

And with the month of April holding the Allergy Awareness Week from 20th April, the time to stock a range of sweets that are suitable for those customers requiring a sugar free , vegetarian or gluten free diet has never been more appropriate. With more of the population making more informed dietary choices or because of specific health and dietary needs  means manufacturers and producers of confectionery are investing more and more into the selection of dairy free confectionery and sugar free chocolate available. So shelf displays, confectionary carts, swag bags and celebratory events of choosing coloured themes of rainbow colours, red, white or blue sweets can also include a selection of sweets suitable for all to consume and enjoy. So fill your shelves with a mass of glorious confectionery colour!

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Barratt Foam Bumper Bananas - 2kg
Barratt Barratt Foam Bumper Bananas - 2kg
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