Will Retro Really Be Back In Fashion?

Sweetshops, particularly the old style traditional shops, have already been enjoying a rise in popularity. Even though they are closed at the moment, the simple pleasure of a ‘quarter’ of sweets will be waiting for people once the lockdown is eased. 

Communities are coming together in ways which many of us have never experienced. People are reverting to more simple pleasures and supporting local businesses which are still working. There is a feeling that this will continue long into the future and this may well extend to the confectionery world.

We could all be looking to ‘Buy British’ as time moves on. Luckily, the world of British sweets is thriving and we still have the most famous brands and produce many of the world’s favourites. 

Here at Bulk Wholesale Sweets we’ve got a fine range of traditional, classic and British sweets and confectionery to tempt you.


Often credited as an invention of (the sadly no longer) Woolworth’s stores. The idea that we can select a few of each of our favourite sweets and pay for either the weight or number of sweets we’ve chosen still appeals. Pick’n’Mix has a nostalgia to it which can be comforting and reassuring. 

If you are going to offer pick’n’mix and allow customers to select their own choice, it might be worth considering stocking some of these classic individually wrapped sweets:

Black Jacks  - Originally a Trebor Basset favourite from the 1920s, these aniseed flavour chews are still sought after and enjoyed by all comers.

Fruit Salad - In their iconic orange packing, these pineapple and raspberry chews are another firm favourite with plenty of heritage. These days they are made by the classic confectioners, Barrets.

Bubble Gum - Another Barrets favourite. Possibly not the most popular with teachers or parents, but which of us can honestly say we haven’t indulged in a ‘bubbly’ over the years. 

Lollipops - Normally the preserve of youngsters, but it’s certainly not rare to see an adult with a lollipop’s white stalk hanging out of their mouth. Available  in a range of fruit flavours and perfect for the Pick’n’Mix bag.

Traditional Chocolate

Those looking for a bit of nostalgia with a bar of chocolate, could evoke memories of classic adverts from the past. Who could forget those sultry images of a Cadbury’s Flake being enjoyed in the bath!? If you’re too young to remember that, or the ‘Finger Of Fudge is just enough’ campaign, a search on the internet could fill that void for you. For a cheeky treat why not stock up on another old favourite, the Freddo. 

Traditional Sweet Jars

What sweet shop would be complete without a selection of sweet jars lining the shelves behind the counter. If you have room for some traditional scales for weighing them too, this completes the image. We stock dozens of sweets which can be supplied in jars and recommend you start with some firm favourites such as Pear Drops or Sour Apples. 

As the world adjusts to whatever the new normal will be after this crisis, it may well be that people long for the more simple and traditional pleasures. We’re well placed, in the confectionary world, to satisfy those cravings.

Get in touch today and start planning some special, retro treats for your customers. 

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