Unique gifts to send your Mum to cheer her up

 We don’t know about you, but if there’s one person we are really missing right now, it’s mum. Not being able to see your mum or being able to nip round for a quick cuppa is a heartbreaking situation that we’ve all found ourselves in. 

And because we won’t be able to give her a big hug for a few more weeks, what’s the next best thing to show her you’re thinking of her? How about sending her a gift as unique as she is.

Mums need to be celebrated at the best of times, and now more than ever, showing her love from a distance is one way to get through this crisis together. 

Mums are the unsung heroes that make our world go round on a daily, nay hourly, basis: 

  • They can tell you what you're supposed to be doing in two weeks time. 

  • They can tell you where you left your phone/your wallet/your other sock. 

  • They’ll sub you cash when you’re short. 

  • They’ll loan you the car when you need to go somewhere. 

  • They’ll deal with your washing, regardless of your age. 

  • And they always have a shoulder to cry on, no matter what you did. 

And when they’re not doing stuff for you, they’re worrying about you non-stop. 

In fact, mums can be so busy making sure everyone else is OK, they forget to check in on themselves. So even if you think your mum is doing OK, go on and make her day and send her a gift to let her know you’re thinking about her. 

You don’t have to go all out to give your mum a thoughtful gift - a simple gift of something unusual, like those unique sweets you know she loves, will really mean a lot. 

On any other (normal) day, the best gift you can give her is to just spend quality time with her, but seeing as that option isn’t available right now, the next best thing might be a big tub of sweets.  

Remember, you only get one mum, show her how much she means to you. 

The unusual sweets

Name a mum who says she doesn’t like sweets and you’ll know someone who tells porky pies.

From retro sweets, to divisive liquorice, when you’re thinking of which selection boxes to give your mum, the more unusual sweets are always going to be the most memorable. 

And while she’s hardly going to forget these last few weeks confined to barracks, it will definitely make the experience a little sweeter (no pun intended) if you give her some of her favourite traditional sweets, such as mint creams or walkers mint classics to see her through to the other side. 

The experience 

Just because you can’t leave home at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the future. Show your mum how much you love and value her by planning an experience for her to look forward to when lock down lifts. 

Just make sure you plan something for well into the summer to be on the safe side. 

From a spa date with you, to a half hour manicure. Theatre tickets with her favourite child (that’s you by the way), to a nice dinner (either at your house or in town). 

Choose an experience you can do with her and create memories together, or give her something that she can treat herself with. She might just cherish some time on her own right now! 

The handmade gift

What says I love you and I’m thinking about you more than a homemade, personal gift? 

We aren’t all artistic and creative, so simply go online and have something made for her - a favourite family photo turned into a canvas print for example, or get your children to draw something for Grandma - she’ll love artwork produced by the grandkids. Or how about commissioning a wall print from an inspirational quote or the lyrics to her favourite song. 

Or you could sit down with those old photo albums and transform the neglected family snaps into a scrapbook that she can treasure. Stick in old ticket stubs or write your memories from that time - what she recalls and what you do could differ greatly - more memories, more fun!

The IOU vouchers

This is the one where (if you’re short on funds) you give your mum vouchers that she can redeem at a later date that won’t cost you a penny. 

From a hug (when self-isolation ceases) to spending a day with you (again, not one for redemption any time soon), to a promise of a daily phone call for a week, or a weekly phone call for a month (if you don’t already do this). 

Sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest impact.

The virtual gift

Or how about doing something virtually with your mum that you can enjoy together right now?

Pick a movie and sit down to watch it in your own homes simultaneously, then either video call or text message each other throughout the film to simulate actually sitting next to each other. 

Why not take advantage of Netflix’s ‘Netflix Party’, a Chrome extension which allows several of you to watch the same thing at the same time from different locations. Don’t forget to stock up on your favourite sweets to enjoy while you’re watching!

Or if you don’t have time for a movie, how about a shared virtual cuppa and a chat. Simply make a cup of tea and video call your mum. It couldn’t be easier. 

Finally, whatever you’re thinking of giving your mum to let her know you’re thinking of her, Bulk Wholesale Sweets have a selection of unique sweets that she’ll love, no matter her tastes or dietary requirements. 

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